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         I'm really happy with this purchase. I love the watch itself and have been given many compliments. It's so simple and classy! Dress it up or down easily.   James Costello - Indiana, US


          Minimalist, classic, and goes with so many of my outfits. Leather holds up nicely as well and it's a comfortable fit.   Jason Lambeth - San Francisco, US

       I've had my eye on this watch for a very long time. Finally i purchased it and am so happy. I love the classic leather look and it's looks polished, graceful. Every time I wear it at least 3 to 4 people compliment me! So happy with them.     Kenneth Lau - Sydney, Australia


        I've had it for a few months now and it is holding up nicely. I receive tons of compliments on it. It is a simple and modern looking watch. I have a fairly small wrist and yet the watch doesn't look huge on it. I can't recommend this watch enough.     David Williamson - London, UK


      Beautiful contemporary watch at a great price. Band is a little stiff at the beginning but it softens quickly with use.    Jose Luiz Martin Gomez - California, US




      I love this watch. It looks better in person than it does in the photo. As per usual, The Satrap Collective never fail to impress with their simplistic design and functionality. The leather band is quality, and the timepiece is a classic.     Ian Robinson - Auckland, New Zealand


       I love my new watch!! It came in the pimpest packaging, felt like a little late Christmas present for myself. The watch is perfect size and looks great and great condition!   Kang Wang - Vancouver, Canada


      Arrived on time and the packaging was great. Love it so far and have gotten lots of compliments! Highly recommend it to a student!     Dan Knowles - Hawaii, US


         I really liked these watches but I was concerned that the men's size would swallow my arm up like any other standard men's watch with a casing wider than 40mm. Got this bad boy in the mail and trying it on for the first time was magical!     Mike Vincent -  Melbourne, Australia


      Really really like this watch, classic! In fact im sitting here at work doing this review. As you can see, the timepiece matches my work shirt perfectly.   David Kim - Texas, US


       Very happy with this watch. Just like the picture.    Jorge Luengo - Cordoba, Argentina


      The watch looks exactly as the image, very beautiful. So far it works very well.    Lee Man - Hong Kong

      Fantastic watch and very beautiful! It's a simple watch, none of those fancy stuff with a zillion gadgets. It is also very classy and stylish. The material quality feels durable and very good. Movement is from Japan, leather from Italy but the watch is assembled in China. Overall, its affordable at the $150 range mark without having to pay $1000 for it. I would buy again.   Brandon Gough Russell - London, UK

      Well crafted and elegant watch for men, leather strap feels very expensive but only time will tell how well it ages.   Bob Proctor - Vermont, US

      I am a young professional who is an avid fan of wearing and using a watch for any occasion. I've owned this watch for about one month now.

My use:
- I use this watch for both casual settings and formal settings.
- This watch goes great with a neutral-colored outfit
-- Top: grey, blue, or white top (shirt / sweater)
-- Bottom: dark blue jeans / jogger sweatpants
-- Shoes: these go best with a pair of light brown or cognac-colored shoes

- Light: this watch is neither big or bulky.
- Stylish: this watch is great for any casual, semi-formal, or formal event. The classic design is very simple and won't detract from your overall outfit.
- Comfort: the leather pretty nice and does not seem like it will fade out easily, but only time will tell.

- Cost: this watch may be a bit expensive for some. But for the classy look that it provides, I say the price is very reasonable and worth every buck, especially for the classy/expensive look that the watch portrays.      Justin Votaw - Florida, US

      This was actually purchased as a birthday gift for a friend (University Male). He loved it! It has a very simplistic, modern design that would match with any outfit. Highly recommend for any male or female looking for a simple stylish watch or for anyone looking for a gift.   William Shum - Singapore

    Quality product that came it quality packaging and is exactly as you would expect from the description given. 10/10 would recommend.    Morgan Jossund  - Berlin, Germany

     Excellent quality! Love it! A++. Brandon C. - Washington D.C, US


     Nice slim watch. Have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Its unassuming but a quality, nice watch. Wear it almost daily.   Alex Johnson - Canberra, Australia


     This watch looks so good! Always use it with brown shoes! So many people compliment it and I love it because it's relatively cheap for such a good looking watch.     Robert Garfield - Los Angeles, US

    Very classic and very simple! I got this as a birthday gift and I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision! Thank you!   A.M - Bristol, UK

    Got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it! Casual enough to wear daily but also can be dressed up!   Nicole Stanton - Ottawa, Canada

      All I can say is this is a nice watch to have. Plain and simple! The leather is, indeed, very genuine and just looks nice. I like the watch dial because it looks cool. It's good for all-around use such as work, casual wear, etc. (excluding sports wear). I use this watch a lot, and I do love it.    Carlo Sitoy - Perth, Australia

      I bought this watch just without thinking much, apart from its huge dial and design. It turned out to be great. I goes well with certain clothes only, but once you wear it, you will be seen as a unique person in the crowd. I managed to pull it off very well. The dial is big and the strap is great. It compliments casual colors very well and goes with some light colored shirts and t-shirts as well. It was a great buy from The Satrap Collective.     Cody B - Nevada, US

    I ordered this watch from the Satrap Collective for my son who is 22 yrs old. He was very pleased with it. It looks nice for the money, just the right size, sits on the line between casual and dressy, and keeps accurate time. Leather strap seems well made, and will hopefully hold up well.   Donald L - Wellington, New Zealand

     I bought it for my brother to wear in his wedding and he loves it. The quality is great and the watch is simply stunning. I couldn't be happier with the product or the price!    KC - North Carolina, US


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